issues and suggestions

Jun 10, 2009 at 1:57 PM

as the name itself implies ...

Jan 21, 2011 at 10:45 AM


first of all, thanks a lot for this tool!

I've a few suggestions about major issues in SharePoint that make life very difficult - either because of bugs or of shortcomings:

  • I assume that the greatest desire of a LOT of people is a bulk edit of Managed Metadata (aka taxonomy fields). (Unfortunately, I get an error message if I even try to open such lists with your editing tool.)
    The next step could be to provide a drop down box with valid options for this datatype.
  • This one could be a little bit more tricky: a similar shortcoming in SharePoint is that there is no bulk edit for content types of items. You have to open every single item to set this attribute. The allowed content types are stored with the list, so the valid options are likely to be determined easily. There could be a challenge in the handling of which columns are valid for which content types if there are more than one content type allowed in a list.
  • Support for document sets (I didn't try!)

Please, please, please :-)



Jan 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM


I must admit that I had neglected a bit the SharePoint 2010 version of the tool (the tool was originally developed for SharePoint 2007) and it is true that some of the new features in SharePoint 2010 are not handled correctly or even don't work at all.

I made a few fixes yesterday (I had some of these before, but had totally forgotten to upload them here) - so check the new latest versions of and on the "downloads" page.

And several words about your points:

- about the taxonomy fields support - the bug occurs in "Enhanced UI" mode because the tool tries to handle taxonomy fields as lookup fields (the TaxonomyField class does inherit SPFieldLookup) but the TaxonomyField.LookupField property returns this string "Term$Resources:core,Language" instead of simply Term1033 and the tool needs the lookup field name to retrieve the proper data from the lookup list (which is the taxonomy hidden list in this case). This was an easy fix of course but that's only the tip of the iceberg. All in all taxonomy fields are not easy to tackle - there are several things here - first the retrieval of the terms data and its display in a tree view hierarchy, then we have the fact that taxonomy fields also come with an extra hidden auxiliary field per field which also needs to be updated if you want your changes to be committed successfully - e.g. for the standard "Keywords" (internal name TaxKeyword) field we have the extra hidden TaxKeywordTaxHTField field. So, what I fixed is not that much - no UI enhancements and the sort, but at least it is possible now to perform batch copy-pastes of the contents of taxonomy fields and copy taxonomy data between list items. I disabled the lookup handling of the taxonomy fields, so that now they appear only as text fields (with or without the "Enhanced UI" option). Further, the text that is displayed now by the taxonomy fields is changed - it now includes the WssId part of the taxonomy value (it is analogous to the lookup id of a lookup field value) and this allows you to copy successfully taxonomy field values. Remember that if you want to copy taxonomy data between list items you need to copy both fields - the main and the hidden one for that taxonomy column (meaning that you need to have them both selected in the "view fields") - the hidden column's name have the same internal name as the main one plus the 'TaxHTField' suffix (optionally with an extra digit at the end).

- about the "ContentType" column - there is a change in SharePoint 2010 in that this column has now the "Computed" type and the tool ignores computed columns when you select them in the "view fields". Now, this is fixed and the "ContentType" column is displayed normally in the GridView so that you can edit it as any other column. I further added a drop-down column support for it in the "UI enhanced" mode.

- about the document sets - these are actually enhanced list folders, so the tool can basically handle all folder related operations on documents sets - e.g. column values updating and deleting. I also managed to create a new document set with the tool, though it is a little bit tricky - you need to set the following fields for that: FileLeafRef (mandatory for ordinary folder as well), ContentType (which is now accessible - should be set to the appropriate document set content type) and HTML_x0020_File_x0020_Type (the value here should be SharePoint.DocumentSet - it is needed by the XsltListViewWebPart so that it renders the correct icon for the document set (instead of the default folder icon) and to also render the link to the document set home page instead of opening the contents of the underlying list folder). Still, when you open the home page of the document set created by the tool you will see a warning message in yellow, which reads - "Content types that are available to this Document Set have been added or removed.  Update the Document Set." (this is because apart from the columns of the underlying SPListItem several additional properties should be set on the associated SPFolder instance - SPFolder.Properties - in this case this is the vti_contenttypeorder property).

Hope this was of help to you.