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Project Description
The SharePoint list item editor makes it easier for SharePoint developers and users to preview, update, insert and delete SharePoint list items. You'll no longer have to rely solely on the web UI interface and the standard datasheet view. It's developed in C# and .NET 3.5.

This is a small WinForm tool that populates a standard DataGridView control with the items of SharePoint lists. The list data can be fetched with either the SharePoint object model or with the standard SharePoint web services which allows for remote preview/updating of list items. List items are being updated using either the SPWeb.ProcessBatchData or the SharePoint Lists web service which ensures great performance for batch updates.
Version for SharePoint 2010 beta is now also available.
You may find the documentation for the tool here






Main features:
  • you can open SharePoint lists and libraries using both the SharePoint object model and the standard SharePoint web services (for the second mode you don't need to have SharePoint installed on the machine you run the tool on)
  • list view scopes support - the contents of individual folders can be browsed as well as recursive view of all list items
  • bread-crumb for folder navigation
  • you can select the fields to be displayed for editing, specify a CAML query for the result set, select a specific SharePoint list view
  • copy-paste of single cells, rows, columns, regions; paste of multiple new items possible
  • batch check in/out for document libraries
  • batch setting of moderation/approval status
  • batch creation of list/library folders
  • upload multiple files to document libraries
  • the update of items automatically resyncs the items, so readonly/system fields get refetched from the source list
  • the changing of the FileLeafRef field renames the file for document libraries
  • the row header shows proper icons for checked out documents, the approval status and whether the item was modified in the editor
  • different icons for documents checked out by the current user and other users
  • "enhanced UI" option - lookup fields can be displayed as plain text or as drop-downs, support for multiple lookups too
  • "explorer" button - opens the standard web folder windows explorer view with the contents of the selected library/list (see note below)
  • "explorer" button for the current list/library folder
  • "explorer" button can also browse the containing web
  • documents can be opened from an icon in the "FileLeafRef" column
  • "browse attachments" context menu item - opens the web folder windows explorer view with the location of the list item's attachments
  • "suppress events" option for list item updating when the WSS object model is used - the synchronous and asynchronous events are enabled/disabled when the list items are being updated
  • open web lists dialog
  • list of recently opened lists shown in the open menu
  • farm explorer showing the SharePoint object hierarchy for easier list selection (no web services support)
  • site collection explorer showing the webs, subwebs and lists of a selected site collection using the standard SharePoint web services
  • create and modify list views functionality

A short video with the main features can be found here:

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